Introducing The i3SYNC PRO

Introducing The i3SYNC PRO

i3SYNC PRO allows you to share your screen within a second without wires and without installation. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop, a smartphone, a tablet or even a camera, i3SYNC is OS independent and allows any HDMI device to share video and audio in high quality on a large screen.


Who doesn’t recognize the meeting situation where you have to look for a cable on the messy table or where every participant has to bring his own connector? i3SYNC is a tiny, wireless HDMI device with a nice design. It fits perfectly in a clean meeting room.


Share your screen in Full HD. Share images, files, presentation, videos and so much more in high quality on a large screen. Using the AV system of the screen your presenting on, your sound has never had such an impact!


Switch from one presenter to another by the click of a button. i3SYNC Pro allows up to 254 users to take over the screen. Promote collaboration and change the way you meet or give presentations forever.


Struggling with cables & re-adjusting resolution are problems of the past! Share your screen instantly, without installation and from any HDMI device. i3SYNC is plug-and-play, wich allows you and your team to save precious time.


You can re-arrange your devices as much as you want to, everyone is capable of linking transmitters and receivers, no need to be an IT expert. You organise a bigger meeting than usual? No problem, you can use the transmitters from another room, instantly link them to the new receiver and you’re ready-to-go.

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